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I agree...

(Warren here. This comment is copied from my original website where the review appeared. It is copied completely, without any change whatsoever.)

I agree with almost everything in this review. I will add a comment about the bread used in the sandwiches. It's not what it should be; it has no "tooth." If you've had a sandwich at a place like Cantor's in L.A. (or a New York deli), you'll know what I mean. My wife, a former New Yorker, was deeply disappointed and said she wouldn't return--and this was before she finished half a sandwich (a Reuben--but not a "real" Reuben). Bottom line: this is a bar with sandwiches; the bar is far larger than the food case. (And the rude bozo in the corner talking too loudly in expletive-laced language didn't help with the experience.)
Anonymous (not verified) – Sun, 2005 – 04 – 24 14:30


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