Fullerton Restaurant Reviews: An Introduction

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Submitted by: warren -- Tue, 2005-04-19 23:58
The city of Fullerton, CA is going through a bit of a restaurant renaissance. Downtown Fullerton was, as recently as 5 years ago, the Orange County capital of pawn shops and antique stores, but not anymore. Now it seems the city's managers want you to get your hair done at one of the 6 downtown salons, then eat at one of the more than 12 downtown restaurants, then get sloppy-drunk at one of the more than 6 late-night bars, and then maybe sober up at one of the two or three coffee-houses before driving home.

But not me. I don't have to sober up to drive home. I don't have to drive home. I live right-smack the heart of Downtown Fullerton in a 100-year-old building, mere footsteps away from all the new dining and drinking action. I've been living in the heart of Downtown Fullerton for more than 10 years - perhaps longer than anybody else in this town except my wife. Nobody sees it and experiences it like I do.

And given that I'm a professional reviewer of stuff, and an amateur eater (I've been eating at least twice a day for years now), I've taken it upon myself to start reviewing Downtown Fullerton restaurants like no one else can.

And now for the fine print: I have no relationship with anyone owning any of these establishments, except that I'm casual friends with the owners of the Reagan Vintage Arcade, the (former) Hub Café, and The Cosmopolitan bar . And no, it isn't that I have a lot of friends; they're just owned by the same people.

And Thing Number 2: I don't like vegetables. Sorry, I would like to like vegetables, but I just don't, so don't write me and tell me about they problems I'll have later in life due to my diet. I work out. I take vitamins. I otherwise watch what I eat. I just don't like almost all vegetables, and most fruits. Oh, and fish too.

And Thing Number 3: This is my blog, not yours. If you don't like my review, post a comment. If you don't think I'm being fair, then write your own review on your own blog.

Ultimately, my goal here is to be a useful resource for people wanting to know about the dining scene here in Downtown Fullerton. If all you are looking for is a simple list of restaurants, addresses, and phone numbers, click here. I hope you enjoy the show.