FullertonReviews.com FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Submitted by: warren -- Sat, 2005-04-23 22:50
You probably have questions about the site, or you wouldn't have clicked the FAQ link that brought you here. Great! Here you go:

1. Who are you?

My name is Warren 'Llama' Ernst. I've been a resident of downtown Fullerton since 1995, and one of only six people living on Harbor Blvd itself (between Chapman and Commonwealth Avenues). I'm a professional reviewer by trade, and have been eating at restaurants at an amateur level for quite some time. Now I'm just combining the two.

2. Why are you doing this?

Downtown Fullerton used to be nothing but a place to buy antiques and pawn your stuff, but at least it was a real 100-year old downtown (rather than a recently manufactured downtown, like Brea's Birch Street Promenade) that I liked the feel of, so I moved in. Since 2002, lots of nice restaurants, clubs, and coffee houses have discovered the area, and now the area is quite the Orange County "Hot Spot." I couldn't find any good resource online about all this new stuff, and since I go to them all the time, I figured I would make one.

My first introductory article is probably as good an explanation as you'll find anywhere about why I'm doing this.

3. How do I contact you about this site?

Send some e-mail to fullertonreviews@gmail.com. Or leave a comment on any review directly, and I'll see that too.

4. Why should I care about what you think about restaurants in Fullerton?

Well, what do you know about the restaurants here in downtown Fullerton? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Seriously, though, a lot of people I know seem to think my opinions about restaurants are pretty spot-on. And since I eat at these places all the time, I try a lot of dishes, and see the levels of service you get at different times of day. Since I'm not in any of these places' pockets and don't accept restaurant advertising, I like to think you're getting an honest opinion.

5. You gave my restaurant a good review. How can I thank you?

Don't do anything. Don't send me anything. Don't give me free stuff if you see me.

Well, you can keep your food, service, and atmosphere at the high levels I reported.

6. You gave my restaurant a bad review. How can I hurt you?

You can send rotten food in the mail to my home, located at...

On second thought, the problem isn't with me. The problem is with your food, service, or decor. Look around and see what you can do to improve things. You can feel free to invite me back and write another review, and if things are better, then FullertonReviews.com will either add new stuff to the existing review, or write a second review.

7. You haven't reviewed my restaurant. Can I invite you?

Why not? Remember that I won't accept free stuff, and probably won't tell you when I'm coming, who I'm coming with, or what I'm going to order when I get there.

8. I've heard that you don't like vegetables, and have other food hang-ups. True?

Yup, that's true. Generally speaking, I hate vegetables, and I'm not afraid to special-order things without them. For example, I will order a McDonnald's hamburger without pickles, or ask to get more mashed potatoes instead of the green beans. Please don't write and tell me about how unhealthy this is. I've heard it all before. And besides, it isn't as if I despise the concept of vegetables; I want to like them. I just don't.

Also, I don't like fish, be it cooked or raw.

As for my tastes: I grew up in a New York Italian family that got its cullinary cues from Queens. Mom cooked a lot of German and American comfort food too. My favorite meal in the world is steak and eggs, and most friends would call me a "meat and potatos" kind of guy.  My wife is hispanic, and I've come to love Mexican food, and eat it all the time too.

9. Why should I register with FullertonReviews.com?

Why not?

Seriously though, registration allows you to post to the discussion forums, write comments with a snazzy WYSIWYG editor (you know, with buttons for Bold, Italics, and stuff), and I can also occasionally e-mail you with news and information about the site. Don't worry, on my other sites I've sent less than one group-e-mail every three months, so it isn't like I'm going to clog your inbox.

10. Suppose I register. What is FullertonReviews.com's Privacy Policy?

Simple. I promise not to sell, rent, or reveal any of your personal information to anyone. Period.

This policy may be rewritten to further protect your rights in the future.

11. Do you accept advertising?

Hmmm. OK, this is a little complicated.

No, I won't accept advertising from restaurants that are within the "Review Area," which is currently downtown Fullerton, CA.

Yes, I do accept advertising from restaurants outside of the Review Area, but I can't imagine why such a restaurant would want to advertise here. Such advertisements would be clearly labeled as advertisements, not endorsements.

Yes, I do accept advertisements for non-restaurant businesses located within the Review Area.

Also, from time to time I may use an automated advertising system (like Google Ads or similar), which automatically displays advertisements based on the text displayed on the page. This means that an ad for a restaurant within the Review Area may inadvertently appear. The difference here will be that I might get a tiny amount of ad revenue from Google (or whatever), not the restaurant that the linked ad points to. No conflict of interest there.

For advertising rates, contact me at fullertonreviews@gmail.com.

12. Can I reprint a review to post in my restaurant?

Of course. I must insist that you print the entire article, with the logo on the top of the page, and the copyright notice on the bottom of the page. You may not edit or alter any part of the review. I would be happy to create such a printout for you if you'd rather not deal with these rules. Full-color inkjet printouts or laser-printed Black & White reprints are available for free. Just contact me.